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Side-Kick Cable Protector Expander
Product Number: SKSEGD5X125 O/B

Ideal for public, commercial, and industrial areas. The Side-Kick system for Guard Dog is designed to allow the user to create an expandable cable protection system with an unlimited number of protective channels of any length. Whether you have 10 cables or 100 cables, Side-Kick is the ideal solution. Add as many Side-Kicks as necessary to build the perfect cable protection system to satisfy your requirements. Each Side-Kick Expander features 5 additional channels and can be attached either parallel to a Guard Dog cable protector or another Side-Kick to add an additional 5 channels of protection. The bottom slanted edge of Side-Kick attaches securely to the top ramp surface Guard Dog or opposing ramp of itself. No other systems offers the versatility of Guard Dog with Side-Kick Expanders. This entire system interconnects side to side and end to end, creating the most stable expandable system on the market. Interconnects with Guard Dog 5 channel protectors and accessories and are also compatible with Cross-Guard ADA ramps. Protects cables and lines with an outside diameter up to 1.325 inches.

By usage in public traffic, please consider your country-specific road traffic regulations.

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