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Ariba powercare is a company specialising in the hire and sale of Cable Ramp Protectors and Cable Management Systems (including ADA/DDA compliant). With years of experience in the field, Ariba finds itself as the UK's largest hirer & distributor of Cable Protection Systems, something we are very proud of.

We have a close working partnership with USA based Checkers Industrial Safety Products, making Ariba your ideal source for superior quality safety products.

checkers cable ramps logo
checkers cable ramps logo

Checkers has been manufacturing and providing superior quality safety products since 1987. Their service professionals are trained to understand the safety issues in many industries so can quickly help you find the right safety products to meet your needs and bring your business into compliance. Ariba mirrors this in the UK providing you with all the Cable Protection you need to best serve your business.

Ariba Powercare - delivering what the customer needs tomorrow, today!

Delivering it when you need it and duly compliant with Health and Safety requirements.

Cable Management Services

Ariba Powercare provide ADA standard Cable Ramps, which require a gentle slope and non-slip surface for wheelchair access. These can be used in conjunction with the Guard Dog or LineBacker Cable Protection and Low Profile ramps that you may already have obtained.

Guard Dog and LineBacker Cable Protection Ramps, these are ideal for public, industrial or commercial use.

We also provide Extra Heavy Duty Cable Protection Ramps, which are ideal for industrial environments such as construction sites, where heavy duty protection is required.

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What is ADA/DDA?

ADA logo for cable ramps ADA is the American Disabilities Act. The UK equivalent is DDA - Disability Discrimination Act. Any product which has ADA in the title or bares the disability logo, is fully compliant with these guidelines.

Ariba is the largest suppliers of ADA/DDA cable ramps in the UK and is the perfect place to go if you wish to aquire ADA/DDA cable ramps through either hire or sale.

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